The Buildings

Franklin Field upon completion in 1922

Franklin Field in 1922

The similarity between Franklin Field and the Colosseum is no coincidence, and understanding it is slightly more complex than simply looking at some arches.  There are two areas that we need to focus on.  First, why were they built?  A lot of time and money needs to be poured into constructing such large buildings.  This reason often goes deeper than a need for a new athletic facility.  In this section, you will learn why the Colosseum and Franklin Field were built, and how these reasons are similar.  Second, how are these buildings architecturally similar?  This question does deal with the arches.  However, apart from the obvious observations, it is hard to draw clear parallels between the two buildings without speculation or a much deeper knowledge of architectural nuances.  We will look at the general classical influence on Franklin Field, rather than specific instances of architectural similarities between the two buildings after we discuss the reasons for building such structures.